The sweetest brand we have ever worked with, which offers your baby the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of hydromassage, hydrotherapy, massage and more. During our work with Bubble Baby Spa we focused on the the meaningful message behind the brand “To put a smile on every baby's face!” Our scope of work included business consulting, branding, web development and digital marketing.

Business Consulting | Branding | Web Development | Digital Marketing

Web Development

The Id Group collaborated with Bubble Baby SPA to develop a user friendly, responsive platform focused on facilitating SPA appointments by filling out a online booking form.

A pastel colour palette where baby blue dominates, with cute elements from the brand, adorable animations and beautiful imagery make this website a seamlessly peaceful design to look at.


A beautiful, very cute gift card designed in the brand's blue and white colors. The brand image of gentleness goes hand in hand with the gentle spirit of Bubbles Baby SPA little customers!

Digital Marketing